Are you ready to co-create conditions for a satisfying Quality of Life for everyone?

                                                                  (We Are.)


The Institute for Community Development  is committed to the advancement of  the body of knowledge and practice for the SYSTEMS APPROACH TO COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT  in South Carolina at both the state and county levels.
We bring all sectors of society together to engage with one another skillfully --- leading to the co-creation of conditions supporting all residents enjoying a satisfying quality of life in South Carolina.
The Institute for Community Development has implemented the Quality of Community Life Initiative to promote constructive collaboration among diverse stakeholders, while helping them identify, analyze and influence key contributors to the quality of community life.

Our engagement process encourages:
  • authentic and structured deliberation,
  • critical analysis
  • constructive conflict
  • creative and counter-intuitive thinking
  • suggested actions that are innovative, inclusive and practical! 
In order to support the Quality of Community Life Initiative,
the Institute for Community Development created the
Community Enhancement Coalition.
This Coalition is comprised of a diverse group of public, private and educational organizations dedicated to supporting the quality of community life initiative.  
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