Founded in the summer of 2015, the Community Enhancement Coalition (CEC) is a diverse group of people and organizations who believe that the private sector, the public sector, and the educational sector can work together to improve the quality of community life in South Carolina. It was initially established to start the conversation about the challenges and opportunities of being a diverse society.

The CEC promotes a culture in which people from diverse backgrounds engage constructively, learn from one another, and collaborate to build community and enhance the quality of life for all South Carolinians. That is why it supports the Quality of Community Life Initiative by using the systems approach to change systemic patterns of social engagement.

The CEC provides organizations with the following benefits:

  • Positive publicity
  • Access to cutting edge knowledge and practice
  • Networking with a diverse set of organizations, leaders and citizens
  • High-profile events that foster collaboration 
  • Association with an expanding community development initiative that advances diversity and inclusion and translates it into social and economic value
  • Opportunity to help identify and support constructive actions that enhance the quality of community life

Most importantly, it gives the opportunity to come together and strengthen our community.

Who We Are:

Education Sector Partners

  • College of Charleston
  • MUSC
  • The Citadel
  • Charleston Southern

Primary Private/Public Sector Partners

  • Denny's Corporation
  • South Carolina Human Affairs Commision
  • Boeing
  • Blackbaud
  • South Carolina Federal Credit Union
  • Charleston Chamber of Commerce
  • Greenville Chamber of Commerce
  • Society for Human Resource Management
  • American Society for Talent Development
  • YMCA
  • The Charleston RiverDogs
  • El Informador

Why You Should Get Involved

It is difficult for a single organization to make a real impact on the quality of community life. Corporate Social Responsibility programs that advance diversity and inclusion (and the quality of community life) can be complex, time-consuming and expensive.

Even with the best-intentioned organizations, these programs are often inefficient and do not reach critical mass or create the desired impact. Uncoordinated initiatives may lack te scale, expertise, resources and partners necessary to have a meaningful and sustained impact.

Membership and support for the CEC and QCLI make it possible for organizations to band together and make a significant long lasting difference.